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For the children and youth we look after, trauma, abuse and challenges to their safety and stability lie beneath every interaction, and almost always, the reason they are currently in our care. Like RJ, before he came to us he was moving from foster home to foster home every few months, had missed out on most of his last two years of school, and only saw his mother during supervised visits.

At Parrott Creek we have wrapped our arms around RJ and provided him with a true sense of stability. We are nurturing him, building his resilience and, ultimately, giving him hope. We are also supporting and guiding his family, helping them to meet their basic needs so that they can create a safe and loving home environment for RJ to return to.

We know that our programs are only successful when our children, our youth, and their families are successful. Together we help our communities be healthier and free of abuse, crime, and neglect. With over 53 years of experience, we understand that by providing a family and child centered approach, our programs can have their greatest impact. And since our contracts provide the minimum level of care and housing, we rely on generous community donors to cover the additional supports that make a true and lasting impact: from big-ticket items like masters-level therapists and enhanced educational support to the small (but highly impactful) extras like cultural, environmental and artistic enrichment activities, new clothes and community outings.

By investing in our programs, you ensure a brighter future for children and families. Thank you!