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Showing up for children in need

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Help us show up for the children in our communities

Every day, many youth are struggling to lead healthy and productive lives without appropriate or effective systems of support. Did you know that Oregon ranks 39th in the nation for teen suicide rates? And that our state is 48th for prevalence of youth mental illness and access to care? Over 9,000 children in Oregon are affected by child abuse and neglect each year, and the state can serve less than 50% of kids that need residential care.

The need is clear and in some cases extreme. Now more than ever we are called to show up for the children in our communities, and we need your help answering that call. We’ve expanded our services to overcome the broken system that is failing our kids and your support is critical to helping us be there for young people:

  • Residential Care to nurture justice involved teens to develop the life skills needed to succeed in school, at home, and in society;
  • New Era House that supports foster youth whose trauma experiences make them difficult to place in family settings;
  • Our Children & Mothers’ Program helps young mothers, and their children, struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, emotional/mental health crisis and/or facing housing insecurity;
  • Lifeguards provides assessment and outpatient treatment services for adolescents who exhibit sexually inappropriate behaviors in our communities;
  • Molalla House is our Independent Living Program for youth aging out of foster care and who could benefit from ongoing nurturing support; and
  • We are now offering outpatient therapeutic services for youth and families, including mental health services with a focus on the LGBTQIA+ community and Substance Use Disorder treatment.

All children deserve the highest level of love, care and support. Your donation today helps us show up for kids in need: to break the cycles of generational trauma, homelessness, incarceration and poverty that are detrimental to our communities and tear families apart. Please donate today.

Below is an example of how your support answers the call for youth aging out of the foster care system. Your gift today makes a difference for years to come!